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Monday, 28 April 2014

April 2014 Favourites

April 2014 Favourites
 This month i have been loving so many new products and as it is school holidays i have had a lot more time to experiment with many new products. I decided to make my first monthly favourites post, and share what i have been loving this month.

Anovia BB Cream

1. Anovia BB Cream

It was love a first use for me with the Anovia BB cream. I bought this online at for around $5. Since the introduction of BB creams into the market i have tried one after another, never finding one i was completely satisfied until this one. I have it in the shade light/medium and it is the perfect colour for me. Other BB creams i have used are either too oily, causing me to breakout, or they have been to hard to blend in.  It applies so easily onto skin, and i apply it with my real techniques expert face brush. Overall, this is just an AMAZING product and i defiantly recommend anyone to check it out.

2. NP Set Contour and Highlight Palette

NP Set Contour and Highlight Palette
and Rimmel London Stay Matte
I am a huge fan of Napoleon Perdis makeup, with their amazing quality and value, so it is obvious that i am going to love their NP Set pieces too. I bought this contour and highlight palette from Target for around $20 (on sale) and i have used it every single day since i purchased it. The palette includes a matte bronzer, highlighter, and a coral and light pink blush. I love this palette as the bronzer looks very natural and my favourite aspect of this palette is that they are all matte and not glittery like many other products. The highlighter and the blushes have a pearl like sheen to them which is perfect to create a very natural glowy look.  

3. Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation

I feel like every beauty guru on youtube owns and raves about this powder foundation so i won't go on about it too much. It is a very light weight powder and doesn't look cakey on the skin. I purchased this from priceline for around $10. It's an amazing powder and can be reapplied throughout the day without it building up.

4. Starlet Foundation Stick

Starlet Foundation Stick,
Napoleon Perdis Nail Polish in Biscotti
and the Nutrogena Oil-Free Moisture
for combination Skin
I bought this foundation a few years ago from Kmart and it is the Starlet Foundation Stick with SPF. This foundation has a very high coverage and when i wear it i don't have to apply any concealer as it covers EVERYTHING. I apply it with my Real Techniques Expert face brush and it is very easy to blend it in.

5. Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture for combination Skin

This month the weather has been crazy! Flacuating each day from being a nice hot sunny 30 degree day to the next day being a miserable rainy 18 degrees. Due to this my skin has taken a beating and has become very dry in certain places (mainly under my eyes and in-between my eyebrows). The moisturiser i had at home caused me to breakout and it just made my skin so much worse, so i decided to buy a new one. I opted for the Nutrogena Oil-Free Moisturiser for combination skin and i am completely head over heels for it. I apply it all over my face and neck every morning and night and WOW! After one day i already saw a huge improvement in my skin, and all the dry patches were gone. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone, and i even convinced my sister to buy it. It is just an amazing moisturiser as it is not to oily and it makes a great base for makeup (P.S it also comes in oily and dry).

6. Napoleon Perdis Nail Polish in Biscotti

I recently received this nail polish in a gift pack that came free when i purchased some products from the Napolean Perdis bar at MYER. I am not normally a fan of nude nail polish, but this one has made me change my view on them. This nail polish is a gorgeous shade of nude and has an almost matte finish. It is easy to apply and only needs one coat to be applied, and is very long wearing. I think Napoleon Perdis nail polishes are around $19, and i know this is a bit more expensive than other brands, but for the quality it is worth it. If you can get your hands on it i would defiantly recommend for you to check it out.  

7. Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eye Liner and Rimmel London Soft Kohl Liner

Maybelline Master Precise Liquid
Liner, Rimmel London Soft Kohl
Liner and the Napoleon Perdis
Luminous Lip Veil in 'Pretty in Peach'
I am a huge fan of black eyeliner as i love the way it makes my eyes look. I have been using the Maybelline Master Precise Liner and Rimmel London Soft Kohl liner together for around a year know. I apply the soft kohl to my tight line and i line my lash line with the master precise liner. These two products are of great quality and super easy to use. If you are just starting out with liquid liner i would defiantly recommend the master precise as it is easy to use and great for beginners. Defiantly check out these products, and they are both inexpensive products and can be bought from almost anywhere. 

8. Napoleon Perdi Luminous Lip Veil in 'Pretty in Peach'

By now you know about my love for Napoleon Perdis so i guess this product wouldn't come as a shock to you. This lip gloss is super moisturising and is a very nice pink nude colour. Recently i have been loving the look of nude lips but every nude lip colour i saw was either too orange or too brown, so i settled on this light pink gloss. I have this lip gloss in a coral colour as well and i just love them so much. They are around the $20-$25 mark, but completely worth it.

9. Midi Rings, Sunglasses and iPhone Case

Midi Rings from Diva, and
Round Sunglasses from
I am a massive fan of rings and i am always wearing at least 2 rings, minimum, so it would be expected that i am a fan of the midi rings. If you don't know midi rings are rings that sit further up your finger. I bought mine from Diva accessories and i love them sooo much. I feel like they just add something different to an outfit.

I am also a HUGE fan of sunglasses. I have a massive collection, and when i say massive i mean MASSIVE! I wear my sunnies all year round and i am constantly changing which styles I'm liking. Right now my favourite sunnies are my rounded frame sunglasses which i bought from GLOSS for $9.95. I have seen these sunglasses a lot as they have become a very popular trend, especially for summer. They give any outfit a bohemian vibe, and i love the way they look. I recently also purchased a pair of tortoise shell glasses from TEMT for $9 and I have been wearing them none stop since i purchased them. I love the gold detail of the arrow
Sunglasses from TEMT ($9)
and iPhone5 Case
from Forever New ($9)
 head on each side of the lenses. I also bought them in black because i love them so much.

My most recent purchase is my iPhone5 case from Forever New, which i bought on sale for $9. The use of different shades of blue caught my eye in the store and i am so glad i bought it. I am so picky with the cases i buy for my phone and i just adore this one. Forever New has so many cases for bothe the iPhone 5 and 4, and also for the Samsung Galaxy, and they range from around $8 (on sale) to around $16.

10. The Fault in our Stars-John Green

OH MY GOSH! This book was just AMAZING!! I read this book in one day and i just couldn't put it down. This book made me laugh and cry so hard at the same time and it is a must read book. I can't wait for the movie, and if you haven't read it, READ IT NOW!!! You won't regret it. 

THANK YOU for reading and please leave me any comments on what you have been loving or even just to say hi.

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