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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Clothing Conversion:DIY Striped Top

So I have recently been seeing A LOT of striped tops and dresses, and i am a HUGE fan of this trend. I feel that striped tops are a great staple item for any wardrobe, and i have been on the hunt for the PERFECT striped top. I went searching everywhere but I was never able to find one that I really liked, until I found this striped t-shirt dresses (from ICE for $10) ---> 
I really loved the shape and the way this dress draped and it was just the PERFECT top, so I decided to diy it into a top, and i am in love with it <3

What you'll need:

  • Scissors (make sure they are able to cut material)
  • Pins
  • Thread and Bobbin (only needed if using a sewing machine) 
  • Sewing Machine, or you can use fabric glue

How to:

Top pins show the extra 4cm marked
1. Measure the length you want, and add about 4cm to that (this is for hemming) and cut off the excess 

Fold, then fold again, pin

2.Fold the edge up 1.5cm, and then fold the edge up 2.5cm and pin. Repeat the entire way around.
  (If you are using fabric glue you can fold it just once and then glue it)

3. Set up the sewing machine and very carefully stitch as close to the fold as you can all the way around. 

4. Cut off extra strands, and now you're finished!!!

Completed Look:

 I also made a second one, and i am OBSESSED with them both. They are perfect for any season, and they both only cost $10 each. These dresses are extremly easy to find as they are in style right now and are sold everywhere.
Hope you enjoyed this, and if you recreate this be sure to send me a photo on tumblr at:
Thank you for reading,
xoxo -Liz

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