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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Maybelline Brow Drama Review

Recently i have started filling in my eyebrows. i used to never think i needed to or would be able to as my eyebrows are already dark and i feared that if i filled them in they would look to dark and thick, but boy was i wrong. I first tried using an eyebrow pencil and loved the outcome, but some days i wasn't bothered to fill them in and i needed something that could be applied on the go or in the rush, and thats when i came across the Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara. I purchased it in Dark Brown and it matches perfectly.

First of all lets talk about the packaging. The 7.5mL packaging is very simple and looks like a regular mascara. The applicator wand has bristles along it and then this ball comb thing. At first looks i found it weird that it had bristles at the end of the ball/comb and i thought that it would be awkward to use, but after my first try i found it super simple. i use the ball part on my brows, and then the little bristly part to perfect the thinner part of my brow. i think the packaging is good and simple to use.

The product itself is great. it doesn't add to your eyebrows and is more of a brow mascara. I use it on days when I'm not bothered or rushing to just neaten up my brows. I find this also works well over my Maybelline Master Shape brow pencil.

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